Summer is on the way!

Good beautiful day to everyone!

Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.   Thomas Carlysle

Yes, summer does come.  With it comes various duties and responsibilities around the farm, home and garden.


The 4H and Ag. Extension sirens are sounding!!  EARLY BLIGHT has been spotted!  Many home gardeners and producers in the tri-state area are  already seeing the results in their potato patches.  Have you noticed plants with brown spotted and curling leaves? Maybe the plants are already dying?  Early blight is probably the culprit.  We’re not necessarily talking  1840’s Irish Potato Famine proportions but, if left uncontrolled your entire potato and tomato (!) crop could be history.   Stop early blight in its  Alternaria solani  tracks with Daconil (Chlorothalonil) a fungicide concentrate offering 3-way control: Controls, Stops and Prevents over 75 different diseases on flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit and shade trees.

And, while we’re in the potato patch:  Having issues with Colorado Potato Beetles?   Nuprid 2SC  The go to soil and foliar insecticide.  Soil 11101518application yields season long control of potato beetles and other pests. Missed using Nuprid when you planted the potatoes? No sweat! Simply mix up a batch of Nuprid and spray the potato plants. Bye-bye beetles. Plus, it’s great on virtually all the other vegetable plants in the garden too! Get control of Aphids, Flea Beetles, Leafhoppers, Whiteflies, Thrips, Wireworms and more!


  • Martin’s NON GMO Hog Meal (50 lb. bag) – $8.00                                                                              A unique 12% protein coarse ground mash-type blend of NON GMO and NON SOY grains and minerals designed to meet the needs of the NON GMO and pasture based farmer/grower.
  • Martin’s Stock Pellet (50 lb. bag) – $6.75                                                                                                A 12% stock pellet designed as a maintenance feed for cattle, sheep, and goats.

Did you know?

A mature layer hen will drink approximately 1/2 liter of water each day in mild weather and up to 1 liter of water in warmer weather?  Continuous fresh water is  essential to layer hen egg production! Make sure to keep the poultry waterers full. Help your hens to beat the heat!


Early Spring…the time to consider and reconsider lawns, yards, flower beds and gardens. As the weather warms many of us are prepping mowers, cleaning beds and taking inventory of our Spring supply of seeds, fertilizer and equipment.  Numerous varieties of lawn fertilizers,  grass seed and lawn care chemicals are in stock. This season, let the staff at Martin’s help you have the best and most beautiful lawn and garden you’ve ever had!


Now is the time to be applying granular or liquid crabgrass control.  Did you ever see those ugly splays of wide bladed grass sending up shoots that don’t blend with the rest of the lawn or mysteriously appear along walks and driveways?  Crabgrass it is and if left unchecked the parent plant and its Digitaria sanguinalis brood will attempt a hostile takeover of your lawn. The seeds germinate in late spring and early summer and outcompete the domesticated lawn grasses. In autumn when the plants die they drop their seeds to emerge the next growing season.  Stop crabgrass before it starts with:

Pendulum – For preemergent control of crabgrass, goose grass, and most other grassy and broadleaf weeds in cool and warm season turfgrasses.  A        2 1/2 gallon jug treats 5 acres of lawn. Easy to mix and use in a home/garden sprayer.

Crabgrass control with dimension –  50 lb. bag of granules that provides post emergent control up to the 3 leaf stage. Spreads easily through any spreader.  One bag will cover 15,000 sq ft.  Apply Feb – April/May for season long control.

Questions about your lawn?  We have an on-staff agronomist and an experienced office staff ready to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Also, the whole month of MAY take advantage of our Wild Bird Supply Sale 

1DROLL0% OFF  all wild bird supplies, suet cakes, bird seed, feeders, houses and more!!   Great deals and the perfect time for the avian enthusiast to stock up!


NEW PRODUCT      The Eva Knee Boot by Tingley


Ultra Light Weight Boots that are 70% lighter than other waterproof rubber and PVC knee boots. 100% seamless waterproof construction. Cleated outsole design for good traction.

Perfect for lawn and garden use.


Have a wonderful day!