Cracked Corn 50 pound bag

Shelled Corn 50 pound bag

SS-black oil sunflwr seedBlack Oil Sunflower Seeds 20, 40, and 50 pound bags
A high protein, high energy food source that is great for most of your favorite birds. Use this product in a separate feeder to attract smaller birds such as finches and chickadees.
SS-wild bird foodWild Bird Seed 20, and 40 pound bags
Attract a wide range of birds with Southern States Wild Bird Food. This all-purpose mixture of cracked corn, milo, wheat, sunflower and red/white millets will be devoured by doves, sparrows, finches, towhees, chickadees and cardinals.
SS-nyjer seedNyjer Thistle Seed
Perfect for finches and other small beaked birds, the Southern States Nyjer Seed provides a great source of energy and protein.
suet-cakeSuet Cakes
With a high fat content, designed for year-round feeding, Heath’s Suet Cakes attract birds throughout the seasons, even during warm weather. Comes in a variety of natural and delectable flavors!

Wildlife Corn with Molasses –                                                                                                                                                         A blend of shelled corn and molasses to be used to supplement the natural diet of wildlife to provide additional energy for growth and development.      Great for deer…turkeys…squirrels…all those critters you enjoy watching in the backyard!

Martin’s Deer Grain Mix –                                                                                                                    A great mixture of Whole Roasted Soybeans, Flaked Barley, Wheat, Corn, Minerals, Salt and Molasses. At 14% protein and 5% fat it’s designed to give you more Bang for your Buck!

***NOTE*** As with all wildlife ventures, it is best to check with your local State Wildlife Agency.  Some states have laws that make it illegal to feed wild deer and/or to use feed products to bait deer for hunting purposes. If using these products for any purpose other than the feeding of commercially grown deer in confinement, check with the appropriate state wildlife conservation authorities to verify feeding is legal.

For the wildlife and deer enthusiasts we also carry a selection of Seeds for wildlife food plots including:

  • Alfalfa
  • Yellow Sweet Clover
  • Ladino Clover
  • Chicory
  • Red CLover
  • White Dutch Clover
  • Annual Rye Grass
  • Peredovick Sunflowers