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CRYSTALYX is the original low moisture supplement. For a wide range of targeted formulas covers many feeding situations — from low forage quality to fly control and everything in between.

NEW- Hemp Bedding $29.99

The primary benefits of using hemp for your chicken bedding are reduced odors, high absorption, extremely low dust content, high thermal rating, and being very biodegradable and sustainable.

Other benefits include hemp’s remarkable antibacterial, insecticide, and insulation properties. Plus, it’s a soft landing for your eggs!

SOLO Backpack Sprayers

Built for comfort. Built for convenience. Built to last. SOLO’s ergonomic design contours to your back for greater comfort. With a proven piston pump, you will be reliably equipped for applying spray liquid or insecticides in your garden. A low number of wearing parts and sturdy technology ensure a long service life and minimum maintenance. The large filling aperture for convenient filling of the tank and smooth-running pump make spraying pleasant work.

Coop waterers and feeders

Need to furnish your coop? We have everything you need to provide your birds with fresh water and, as always, fresh feed.

Fencing Supplies and Energizers

Emergency fence issue? We have the gear to fix it! Energizers, wire, insulators, and more are available in our store.