Customer Appreciation 2020 February 17-21

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Customer Appreciation Week 2020 starts TODAY! Stop by to take advantage of some great in-store deals. Most in-store items are on $ale, from Farm and Hardware to Fencing Supplies, Pet Food to Home and Garden, we’ve got what you need. Plus, this is our time of Special Pricing on 18% and 22% Martin Solutions Calf Feeds as well as Southern States Minerals. A great time to stock up. And, don’t forget our signature ham sandwiches and refreshments! Store-wide sales + refreshments = A GREAT WEEK
As always, “We look forward to serving you!”

Happy 2019!

Here at Martin’s we’re gearing up for a great 2019!  First and foremost we’d like to introduce our latest product:

Martin’s Solutions Calf Feed

A premium textured calf feed in 18% and 22% proteins.  Perfectly balanced to ensure the utmost nutrition for calves destined to become key players in your herd.   With flaked grains, pellets and molasses your calves are sure to shine. And what is even better, we are offering an introductory promotion.



Martin’s Solutions Calf Feed –  Your calves deserve only the best!




Look for some CLOSEOUT and INVENTORY REDUCTION items with discounts of 20%-30% OFF



Goodbye… MUCK BOOTS   Hello… DRY SHOD

All Dryshod Footwear features:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 5 mm Densoprene® foam insulated bootie
  • Hydrokote® water-repellent
  • 4-way stretch breathable airmesh lining
  • Easy-on/easy-off
  • Roll-down calf pipe
  • Genuine natural-rubber overlays
  • Superior stability
  • Superior fit and comfort
  • Convenient back-pull tabs





See you all Customer Appreciation Week!!!!!

As always,  we look forward to serving you…


Customer Appreciation Week 2018

Hi Folks!

It is customer appreciation week 2018  !   February 19 – 23

We’ve got some great deals on in-store items.   Most in store items are 10% OFF  (8% charge) with some items like MUCK BOOTS 20-30% OFF!

Also, this is our time of Special Pricing on 18% and 22% Intensity Calf Feeds as well as Southern States Minerals. A great time to stock up.

Whether your needs are Farm, Lawn or Garden –  we’ve got you covered.

Stop by, grab some refreshments and shop around!

Hope to see you this week and, as always, we look forward to serving you!

ATTENTION Hunting and Outdoor Enthusiasts


The WOODY MAX  by Muck Boots

The Woody Max has been a Muck favorite for over a decade. Whether hunting or other outdoor recreation, this 100% waterproof boot with a warm 5mm CR Flex-Foam fleece liner with the added 2mm thermal foam under foot will keep you warm and dry. It’s a proven combination at frigid temperatures. The Woody Max features a comfort rating of -40° to 40° Fahrenheit.

This is a close-out item :





Martin’s Had a Little Lamb…

Who doesn’t love driving or walking by a green pasture full of fluffy white sheep?  The contentedness, the bleating and baaing, the frolicking lambs…Raising sheep can be a fun and profitable venture but, before you begin, be sure you know what is involved. Most farmers raise sheep for their meat and/or wool. What are your intentions? Will this be an additional income, a family food source, or a hobby? Raising sheep can be a great option for farmers and others who want to remain small-scale and yet raise some type of livestock. The general consensus amongst sheep farmers is that you can have 4 to 6 sheep per acre. Sheep are social creatures and are happiest in a group setting. It is kind of like potato chips…you can’t have just one…so it is recommended that you keep a minimum of four or five sheep.

 Fortunately, sheep can be relatively inexpensive to raise. Start-up costs include the price of the sheep, fencing, and shelter. You may even have the shelter and fencing already set up. On-going costs include  sheep feed required and health costs, including vaccinations and vet visits.

Sheep do not require complex or expensive shelter. They can survive most of the time outside provided there is some basic shelter from the wind and bad weather. Their housing can vary depending on your budget and your climate. The ideal accommodations are dry, open-sided, and well ventilated. Hay, straw, or pine shavings used as bedding can provide extra warmth and comfort for your sheep.

Feeding your sheep can be quite affordable. Keep a fresh supply of water accessible at all times. Pasture grass and a balanced grain ration are important to sheep nutrition. Remember, balanced nutrition is key to profitable sheep (and all livestock!) health and production.

Whatever breed and flock you decide upon, have fun!  In this pursuit you’re going to learn a lot about sheep and maybe gain some insights into humanity as well…

As always, we look forward to serving you.



At Martin’s Elevator we’re pleased to introduce our latest product…

Martin’s 16% Textured Sheep Feed   

This  16% Protein 2 1/2% Fat,  textured feed is designed to keep  your sheep in mind with the same great quality we know is important to our customers. With the blend of flaked grains, pellets, minerals and molasses it is the perfectly balanced mix to meet the nutritional needs of your specific flock…




The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters…. Psalm 23:1,2

From Country to Oh, So Cool…

The backyard poultry movement is gaining ground!  While those in some communities register a double take (or glare in disdain) at backyard hens; let’s own up to it, not too long ago, every thrifty house wife had a hen (or 6) in the backyard.  Who doesn’t like the thought of producing at least a portion of our own food?  Backyard biddies have gone from bumpkin to stylish vogue in recent years.

So, we say, “Bring on the Clucks!”

HOLD ON!   Before you let visions of Omelettes and Frittatas dance in your head: backyard poultry is a serious venture. We are caring for live creatures after all, and while they may be egg laying machines, some care and attention is needed.

First off, what are the regulations in the area you live?   Are chickens allowed?  Are there “NO ROOSTER” ordinances? (we’re not kidding) While you may enjoy Foghorn Leghorn’s alarm clock each morning…your neighbors may not!  Check these things out, it will save you time, money,  and headaches later on. As far as the rooster goes…(psssst, we have a secret)…hens don’t need a rooster to lay eggs…honest.

So once zoning and the neighbors are on board ( it’s amazing how many neighbors can be bought with   peace-offerings of nest-fresh hen fruit), let’s think housing.  It need not be fancy! The main objective is to protect against wind, rain and extreme temperatures.  Egg laying houses do not have to be elaborate and many designs can be found. Whatever style you decide upon, provide enough space for the number of chickens it will hold, figuring approx. 4 sq ft. per bird. Also, don’t forget an adequate number of nesting boxes ( 1 per every 3 birds) and roosting perches (old broom handles work great!).

Line the laying house floor with several inches of wood shavings and keep it dry and loose. Replenish with fresh litter regularly.

Once the housing has been secured and the hens are on their way…Barred Rocks and Orpingtons, and Leghorns…oh my!

What are they going to eat…and drink???

At Martin’s we’re here to help and offer you the peace of mind of properly balanced conventional and NON GMO poultry feeds.

Optimal growth and performance depend on quality and balanced nutrition, it supplies all of the nutrients chickens need to grow and thrive and LAY EGGS!

Chickens need carbohydrates for energy, protein for amino acids and fats to supply energy. Vitamins and minerals also contribute to good health.

Store feed away from moisture and direct sunlight. Humidity is the nemesis of bagged feed! Immediately remove stale, rancid or moldy food from feeders and feed storage area.  Fresh feed and water = FRESH EGGS!

And while we’re on the H2O subject:

More than anything else, chickens consume water. How much water a chicken drinks equates to how much feed is eaten. When not enough water is available, chickens stop eating. A lack of water negatively impacts egg production and growth.

Chicken feeders and drinkers come in different sizes and styles. Protect them from moisture, wild animals and free flying birds by keeping them in the chicken house.

We also have some of the neatest poultry products in stock!  Poultry water nipples.  Turns any plastic 5 gallon  bucket into a great poultry waterer! Drill a couple holes with a 3/8″ drill bit and voila – a handy dandy  gravity-fed poultry watering system.  No fuss and no mess.

Ultimately, enjoy your backyard chicken project!  There will be some blood, sweat and tears but it is a more rewarding experience than you will ever expect!  There is nothing like a fresh egg, knowing that in your backyard you and Martin’s raised it together.

As always, “We look forward to serving you!”

What Does It All Mean?

It’s the time of year that most of us are suffering from severe cases of cabin and Spring fever.  We’re ready to dig our fingers (and toes!) into the garden soil and grass. We’re dreaming of perfectly green -golf course type lawns and overflowing gardens.  When Spring is here, inevitably, the questions arise…What fertilizer should I use?  What do all these numbers mean?…All these letters… NPK and PH, Why are they important?…I don’t understand it!


Before you just throw on any old fertilizer in despair, Martin’s is here to help! Fertilizer matters!

First off, all fertilizers have 3 bold numbers. The first number is the amount of Nitrogen (N), the next number is the amount of Phosphorus (P) and the third number is the amount of Potassium/Potash (K).

Example: A bag of Martin’s 10-10-10 Vegetable Grower is 10% Nitrogen (N), 10% Phosphorus (P), and 10% Potash or Potassium (K).

What is so special about N, P, and K?  They are known as “Primary Nutrients” and are essential to plant health. So, more is better…right?  Not necessarily.  Different plants require different nutrients.

That is where a soil test comes into the equation. Whether planting lawn or garden it is important to know what level your soil nutrients are at.  That way you know how best to feed the crop you are intending to grow. Also, a soil test will determine the soil PH.  PH is the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. Imbalanced PH also affects plant growth.  Too high or too low can hinder the absorption of certain soil nutrients, resulting in plants that will not properly grow! So you could be adding fertilizer to no avail!!

All of this sound confusing?  Don’t worry!  We’re here to help! We’re armed with knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best looking lawn or garden you’ve ever had!

Livin’ on the “Wild Side”

Most of us enjoy watching wildlife in the backyard.  Let’s face it, it’s good-clean-educational entertainment for the whole family!  You’ve asked for it and we are here to serve!

Wildlife Corn with Molasses & Apple –                                                                                                                                         A blend of shelled corn and molasses to be used to supplement the natural diet of wildlife to provide additional energy for growth and development.      Great for deer…turkeys…squirrels…all those critters you enjoy watching in the backyard!


Martin’s Deer Grain Mix –                                                                                                                   A great mixture of Whole Roasted Soybeans, Flaked Barley, Wheat, Corn, Minerals, Salt and Molasses. At 14% protein and 5% fat it’s designed to give you more Bang for your Buck!



***NOTE*** As with all wildlife ventures, it is best to check with your local State Wildlife Agency.  Some states have laws that make it illegal to feed wild deer and/or to use feed products to bait deer for hunting purposes. If using these products for any purpose other than the feeding of commercially grown deer in confinement, check with the appropriate state wildlife conservation authorities to verify feeding is legal.



Want your backyard to look like this?  Martin’s Wildlife Corn with Molasses is the ticket!








Customer Appreciation Week

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Just a reminder that this is Customer Appreciation Week. February 20-24

Most in-store and on-yard items (excludes feeds and select items)  10% OFF  CASH-N-CARRY or


Stop by and take advantage on some great savings!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Spread the Word! Kid’s Muck Boots are ON SALE!

Spread the word, kid’s Muck Boots are on SALE.    muck-5

From December 5  to December 29,  2016

Up to 10% OFF on Kid’s Black, Brown and Mossy Oak Camo  Muck Boots.

That perfect Christmas gift and just in time for the cold winter weather.


Our STORE-WIDE SALE (with a few exceptions) with 8% – 10% savings is                                  December 27,28, and 29, 2016. A great time to take advantage of savings on hardware, boots, gloves, pet food, wild bird supplies and other home and garden items. We do our best to offer top quality products, take the opportunity to stop by and check them out.

Enjoy this beautiful day!