Pet Foods

Southern States Complete Dog Food SS-complete dog food
A tasty high-protein maintenance formula that is designed for normal active adult dogs. Contains 21% protein and 10% fat condensed down into a tasty two-color kibble. This formula replaces Big Red Nuggets, Performance Plus Chunks and Performance Plus Ration. Comes in a 40lb bag.
Southern States Dog FoodSS-dog food
An economy line that takes full advantage of the Southern States brand, providing cost-conscious customers a nutritious meal for their dogs that’s big on taste and easy on the wallet. This food contains 21% protein and 9% fat, which is perfect for any dogs diet. This dog food will replace Pardner and Big Shot and comes in a 40lb bag.
Southern States Cat FoodSS-cat food
Using only top notch ingredients, Southern States Cat Food has been specially formulated to ensure the health of your cats. This cat food features ingredients like premium chicken proteins and fats, which will ensure a long, healthy, and especially frisky life.
Southern States Premium Rabbit Food 18%SS-premium rabbit
Keep pet rabbits healthy with Southern States Premium Rabbit Food. This complete pelleted feed contains a unique combination of ingredients including the biotechnology of Probiotics which provides live yeast culture and natural lactic acid-producing bacteria to the rabbit’s digestive tract. It contains all natural ingredients and is great for all life stages and breeds of growing and mature rabbits.
Southern States Traditional Rabbit Food 16%SS-traditional rabbit
This complete pelleted feed contains high levels of quality alfalfa meal to ensure digestibility and proper intake. Southern States Tradition Rabbit Food is great for all life stages of growing and mature rabbits.
Big Red Guinea Pig PelletsBR-guinea pig
The only food your guinea pig needs. This special formula provides 100% of the protein, vitamins and minerals to promote growth and overall good health. Comes fortified with a high level of vitamin C.