Swine Feeds

SS-pigdevelopermedicatedSPECIAL ORDER
20% Southern States Sow and Pig Ration
Ideal for growing pigs and lactating sows. For piglets weighing 15 to 50lb, this feed meets the special protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for their rapid growth. Lactating sows benefit from 20% ration due to the added vitamins and biotin, which help achieve optimum litter size and continued breeding herd health.
SS-pigdevelopermedicated17% Southern States Sow and Pig Pellet
Formulated with an appropriate diet for growing pigs. Intended to be fed as the sole ration to growing pigs weighing 20 lb. to finished weight.
Akey 46-37Akey Gro-Fin 46-37 w/ Phytase
Akey Gro-Fin 46-37 with Phytase includes added lysine to improve lysine balance and lower the required soybean levels needed in the grow-finish diet of swine. This feed includes vitamins and mineral fortifications to support high levels of performance while still being cost effective.
We also offer a variety of SPECIAL ORDER Akey Swine Premixes, Akey Show Pig Nutrition Products, and Sunglow Feeds including:

  • A-550 Complete Pig
  • A-175 Starter Base
  • Sow HP 100 Meal
  • Sow HP 50
  • 4-80 fat
  • Akey Show Base w/ Chromax
  • Farrow Pak Plus
  • Akey Nurse On Baby Pig Milk Replacer
  • Sow Micro 5
  • Toll Free 800
  • Classic 700
  • Solution 1200
  • Complete #1 100
  • Tune Up 300
  • Final Thrust
  • Explode S-910
  • ADD- Vantage
  • 4 Sure
  • Definition
  • Sunglo Power-Up Nugget